Allow me to introduce myself. I’m an artist and art model who loves to be naked and I go by the name of JJ Frank. I used to be Tha Naked I, but I’m just Jonny, frankly.

I share many of the ideals of nudism/naturism and I’m passionate to incorporate them into my art. My concept is that people hide their beautiful bodies in ugly clothes and only show their face. Well me, I do the exact opposite and show my body, but hide my face. I shoot photos of myself in different poses and surroundings, then edit them in many different ways.

I have been fortunate enough to appear in several different online publications, you will find the links below.

Naked Wanderings – Interview (10/27/16)
Naturist Fab – Interview (11/15/16)
Arktos Photography – Interview (02/16/17)
Our Queer Art – Interview (02/17/17)
Magazine La Revista Diversa – Interview (05/30/17)